Aluminum Association Encouraged by U.S./EU Joint Commitment on Aluminum Tariffs

Aluminum Association Encouraged by U.S./EU Joint Commitment on Aluminum Tariffs

ARLINGTON, VA – The Aluminum Association responded today to the joint U.S. – EU commitment to “resolve the steel and aluminum tariff issues and retaliatory tariffs.” In a statement, Aluminum Association president & CEO Heidi Brock said:

“The Aluminum Association is encouraged by this joint pledge to resolve underlying trade issues between the U.S. and EU, including a 10 percent tariff on most aluminum products entering the United States from Europe. In addition, we note the commitment to work together on issues of industrial subsidies and overcapacity as a promising step forward.  The Aluminum Association continues to call for the immediate removal of tariffs on aluminum coming from Europe, Canada and all other countries recognized as market economies. The aluminum industry in the United States relies on imported metal to meet record and growing demand for our products. Fully 97 percent U.S. aluminum industry jobs are in mid and downstream production and processing and reliant in some way on imports. The challenge in the aluminum market today is illegally subsidized overcapacity in China. We encourage the administration to work with the EU and other vital trading partners to resolve this issue. A negotiated, government-to-government agreement with China on overcapacity is the best way to meet our shared objective of a healthy and vibrant aluminum sector in the United States.”

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